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Mick Slocumb

Hard to figure where the sim stats numbers come from on this page...Read More

Warren Spahn has the most wins (363) of any pitcher since the live-ball era began in 1920, and is MLB's all-time winningest left-handed pitcher. His 5,243 innings and 63 career shutouts are also records for left-handed pitchers. Spahn won twenty or more games thirteen times and has a lifetime ERA of 3.09.Wilie Mays got his first major league hit -- a home run -- off of Spahn. After the game, Spahn was asked about it by reporters, and responded, "Gentlemen, for the first 60 feet, that was a hell of a pitch."He once summed up his theory about pitching by saying, ""Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing."...Read More

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